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Parmjit Dhanda M:07976 746151 T:020 7902 6681 ext 281
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  1. The News of the pitiful “Hand-out; is I suppose a little better than a smack in the eye. But somehow the politicians/ and civil servants /economists. have to be educated that Kew is not just a day out to see the plants. Kew is a place of scientific study Research and development. the principle archive of bio-economy for the whole of mankind . the staff are not simply “Gardeners” but highly trained scientists. Kew also has to display this image in the strongest possible way. What would happen if the Tea rooms were closed for a couple of days and a notice promulgated that this was due to the ignorance of a government department . I have known and loved Kew, its works and displays for over 75years. hardly ever before has the country deserted their need as now.
    David Sutton.

  2. I am absolutely in favour of Kew, have been a member for some years but cannot understand why in the current climate with all the cuts the mammoth project of redoing the temperate house has gone ahead. Why such a very big job now?

    Is there any money going in from the Crown? Have they been approached. Peoples jobs such not be at risk?

    What can members on pensions and low pay do to help that does not involve donations?

    1. If the restoration project had not started, the Temperate House would have had to be closed for safety reasons. Yes, Defra are part-funding the restoration but they include this exceptional heritage building maintenance cost as part of Kew’s total funding package. Please continue to put pressure on your MP and other politicians in both houses to urgently review Kew’s funding and thank you for your concern and support.

  3. My MP says that, as a Government Minister, he cannot sign EDMs.

    Accordingly, I can only sign the petition, which I have already done.

    1. Thanks for your support Roy. By convention ministers and shadow ministers do not sign EDMs but they can register their support and encourage their colleagues to support the campaign.

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Globally important conservation and science are under threat at RBG Kew due to government cuts

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