The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is more than just a set of beautiful gardens – it is a world-leader in conservation and botanical science with over 250 years of history.

Kew has been facing a £5M deficit for this financial year, and has been facing great uncertainty about future funding so has been forced to axe around 120 posts.

Never before has Kew faced such a significant threat to its future. Efforts to increase external income through Kew Foundation, commercial and consultancy work and research funding just aren’t enough. The cuts have been coming faster and deeper than Kew can survive.

* Most posts are being lost in science and public engagement

* Kew is has been losing dedicated, expert staff

* Whole areas of work are likely to be halted or severely reduced

How can Kew continue its good work with less money?  Prospect, PCS and GMB are supporting Kew against Government cuts to funding. We believe the public deserve better. Our heritage must be safe-guarded for the future. We need your support to secure Kew’s ability to continue to be one of the world’s leading botanical conservation and science organisations.

Thanks to your support, the campaign to help Kew has already yielded some success when, on 3 September 2014, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, announced a reversal of the 2014 £1.5M cuts to Kew’s operating budget. The public campaign and political pressure then encouraged Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, to agree to an extra £2.3M funding for 2015-16, reversing the intended further cut and, instead, holding operational funding at 2013 levels. Sadly, however, these welcome moves are not enough to reverse the damage of five years successive reductions to Kew’s operational funding. Kew has depleted its reserves, cannot raise money fast or reliably enough from other sources and, in order to survive, has been getting rid of 20% of its expert scientific staff!

What you can do

* Sign and share the petition at http://bit.ly/save_kew. Its not too late!

* If you are a UK resident write to your MP to express your concern. Please encourage them to support our demand to reverse and prevent further cuts to Kew’s funding and ask them to support Early Day Motion 117.

* If you are outside the UK please contact the British Embassy or High Commission and express your concern and give examples of how the cuts will affect you locally.

* Follow us on Twitter @KewCuts and our Facebook page Stop Kew Cuts, with the hashtag #kewcuts

* Please continue to visit Kew Gardens and Wakehurst Place, and consider joining as a Friend of Kew!

Thank you for your support

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